Our Services

What we do

American Family home care provides an absolute high standard of care services from our Respite services to our 24 hours,7days/week supported living services for both adults and children according to the client’s needs.

We also help provide a free detailed assessment to determine the needs of you or your family member. This assessment will help provide you with the best or most appropriate service package to meet your needs.

We are experienced to provide utmost care for clients with tracheotomy tube, vent care,G-tubes,N.G tubes,Bi-Pap< C-Pap, suctioning BD by hand or machine, Foley catheters,nebulizers,oxygen use, and training in the use of equipments and supports such as wheelchairs,walkers,canes,splints,braces and AFO’s. In addition, we are skilled at offering assistance with transferring and completion of Personal care including toileting,bathing,range of motion, exercise and strength building as ordered.

Our service offerings include:

Private Duty Nursing is the providing of care by nurses, whether an RN (Registered Nurse) or LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). The nurses in the home provide direct care, support and serve as the liaison between the client and physicians to coordinate healthcare needs for the primary caregiver. They also serve in teaching the family and caregivers. Care can be up to 24 hours a day with nursing coverage.

Personal Care Assistance (PCA) a personal care assistant provides services to persons who need help with day-to-day activities to allow them to be more independent in their own home. A personal care assistant is an individual trained to help persons with basic daily routines.

Respite Services are short-term, temporary care provided to an individual in their home or outside of their home and is designed to give the primary caregiver a break from their care giving duties. Respite services may be just a few hours or several days in length depending on the plans of the caregiver. Respite services may be planned in advance or may be made available to assist in a crisis/emergency situation.

Homemaking (Housekeeping) is designed to help maintain the client's healthy living environment by performing a variety of housekeeping tasks and services.

Waivered Services are designed to prevent or postpone the need for individuals to move from their homes. Waivered services provide people with additional assistance above the standard insurance coverage that they and their families need to maintain and improve personal health and increase independent living skills and even modify the environment in which the client is living.

Companion/Caregiver is companionship and assistance in activities such as meal and medicine preparation, transportation and completion of errands in the client's home.

Care Management Services are provided either by a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) who oversees the case, provides additional training and guidance to staff, coordinates care, updates paperwork, performs supervisory visits and holds care conferences when necessary. They act as a supervisor to the staff in the home to ensure the utmost quality of care.


Everybody has reasons why they do things ,but our reasons for Home care are as follows;

Making sure clients who normally would be doing things for themselves, can’t do them anymore or have never been able to do them, due to one form of a disability.

And with the new diagnosis of several diseases such as cancer, neurological conditions, heart diseases,stroke,orthopedic conditions,dementia,pneumonia etc, making the lives of this clients unbearable, and  knowing that they also deserve at least some form of normal life, we’ll make sure the clients get the utmost care. This could be in form of rehabilitation to restore some form of functional abilities and normalcy.

Helping families with instructions and support in caring for their loved ones, either after having an operation(post operative care),and also helping them administer medication.

And overrall,helping them with their personal care/hygiene needs.